meet nicole musgrave

Meet Nicole Musgrave, textile artist and purveyor of fine vintage goods. I met Nicole at the July City Flea after spotting her insane collection of textiles. I saw a vintage Don Freedman piece and pretty much beelined for her tent where I may have very intensely admired her work and excitedly rambled on about possible future collaborations.  

Nicole is teaching our very first workshop, Beginners Weaving! 


I recently spent an afternoon in Nicole's home in Columbus, Ohio which was just as dreamy as her booth at the flea filled with vintage ceramics, textiles, macrame, mid century rattan that I'm still swooning over, and a magical garden.

Those of you that snagged a spot for our Oct. weaving class, I cannot wait for you to meet her, and to weave with you. And for those who missed it, do not fret, we will be hosting more in the future. 

P.S. all of the textiles in these photos were woven by Nicole (including her top and the pillows!)