Mother's Day Market

Being a mom informs so many of my decisions as an entrepreneur. My children and my role as their mother serve as my greatest source of inspiration. The shops store hours, while they may be few and far between were designed specifically around my family's schedule. The concept for the store itself was born out of a desire to create something that was for me while still maintaining balance with my desire to be with my children. I don't always succeed at this. There have been many times, perhaps monthly (read weekly), where I feel supremely unbalanced and that my shop and my family are suffering because of it. My comfort is in knowing that I am not alone in this, that my feelings of self doubt and my fear of failing my family are completely normal, that there is an army of women who have come before me and who fight the same battle alongside me.

This upcoming holiday is an important one for me. It gives me the opportunity to say thank you and to celebrate my own mother who has always juggled it all in a seemingly graceful manner and who has served her family graciously remaining the strongest and most significant female voice in my life. And it also allows me the chance to applaud all the other mothers, in their many forms, who are out there doing it everyday, holding it all together against the many onslaughts of doubt and fear. 

Chatting with some of my favorite mother entrepreneurs we wanted to collaborate in designing something for mama's this year that would show you just how inspired we are by you all. We basically created what we as mother's would want. We take pictures of our children daily and while I love looking back over the many photos documenting their lives thus far I find myself wishing that I was in some of them. I know that my children will carry me and my words and their memories of me with them their whole lives, as I do with my own mother, but I also wish they could see me in those captured moments with them. And so for Mother's Day this year we want to give you mama's a chance to "get in the frame." 

On Saturday, May 7th Alex Davis Photography will be conducting mini portrait sessions for mama's and their children. Come prepared to just be you, to naturally interact with your children while my favorite photographer captures it for you. You will receive a digital copy of an edited image within the week! You can sign up for your 30 min session here

In addition Una Floral will have hand tied flower arrangements available for sale and we will have coffee and bites on hand for you to enjoy. To all the mama's out there you are loved and appreciated. You inspire us and we can't wait to be a part of celebrating you.