Haws Copper Watering Can

Haws Copper Watering Can


Solid copper watering can with elegantly curved, tapered spout designed for accuracy in watering indoor plants. Comes with removable solid brass rose to diffuse water for seedlings and other delicate plants.

John Haws patented his first watering can in 1886, and the company he created continues to manufacture that same watering can a century later with almost no alteration to the original design. During his post as a civil servant for the British Colonial Services on the island of Mauritius, Haws began growing vanilla plants. He found existing watering cans cumbersome and inadequate, so vowed to develop a better tool once he retired back in England. His innovative design included a new shape for the canister, a higher carrying handle and a lowered spout position at the canister’s base. These changes made Haws’ watering can more suited to the task of gardening than any other can on the market at the time. Today, Haws garden tools are made in Smethwick, England, a little over one hundred miles away from John Haws’ original London manufacturing site.

946ml/32 fl oz
Made in England since 1885
Solid copper

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